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Frequently Asked Questions For Online Training via Zoom 


How is the course delivered online?

You will log-in to a 7-hour online meeting using Breaks will be taken throughout the day. Each module runs from 9am - 5pm each day. The course format is the same as you would see in a classroom setting and involves PowerPoint presentation. The sessions are interactive with the opportunity for you to put your questions or comments to the trainer. There is also the occasional multiple-choice quiz but nothing to pass or fail, it just helps to make the day more interesting. 

Do I need to download anything first?

Our system will automatically send a joining link to your email address as soon as you complete the online boking form. If you wish, you may visit and create an account in advance. You only need the free version; we already have the paid license to run longer meetings. If you are using a mobile device, you will need to download the app.

Can I use a phone?

You will have a better experience and functionality on a laptop or desktop, however the majority of the day can be easily followed on a mobile device. You are welcome to have multiple devices logged onto the session if you like.

Do I need a camera?

You do need a camera to complete an ID check. This can be completed on a phone if necessary. You will need a camera for the rest of the day, this a DVSA requirement.


What if I lose connection?

Not to worry as this happens often. It is not a major problem so long as you re-join the session without a lengthy delay.​


How do I get my Drivers Qualification Card?

This will be automatically sent to you once you have completed the required training. It usually takes around a week to arrive. You will be issued with certificates at the end of each module and you can legally drive with these certificates as proof of attendance whilst you wait for your card.

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